Pride and Prejudice

It was mourn day the first time we go together. Just several of us in the beginning. Then this circle getting bigger and bigger. Everyone sink on the joyful days we had passed. So lovable. Meanwhile, no one knows that cupid pointed his arrows to some of us. The arrow gets its target: friendship. It is so hard to sacrifice everything. As a friend, I just can see how deep some of us feel guilty because they think that they ruin everything. Yes, right. Ruining everything. I feel so pity. I am so sad. I cry because we must bury our friendship.

It started with love and end in pieces. Whenever human falling in love, they are easily forget everything. They forget that there is a world outside of them which should be kept. Whenever human falling in love, they forget. Forget to keep balance between the feeling and logic. So sad. They usually use more feeling than logic. So sad. Siapa kita yang selalu menduga duga semuanya? Tak ada hak untuk menjatuhkan praduga pada orang orang di sekitar kita. but.. this is not as easy as like that. There are more people which unfair. Unfair because we took too much in this problems. Let it become the business people who involve within but don’t take any pace, though a step only. No no. don’t make the water turn to turbid. Cobalah bersikaplah netral dan coba berpikir jernih.

Are you a prophet? saint? A holy man? No not that. We are not them who have no fault, no sins at all. We are just human. I saw ruining house in front of me. Friendship we made for years broken down into pieces just because: faith. Faith, sounds so literary. Yes. Right. Faith has broken everything. It is because of feeling. What I can do? Nothing. Let the time heal everything. Three years from now, make sure that we meet in the checkpoint we promise. When the time coming, please turn off our ego, please start our new sheet. Don’t givin’ shits but sheets.

But then I am thinking again. We are not a saint. We are not a prophet who has none sins. We are human who has much and much fault, sins and lots of bad things. What you can do next is take careful step more and more. Nothing can heal us except: the time. We are no more children. We are already mature. We know where to step and how to step. May God always keep us in his right path.


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