Sepedaan Goes To Museum

It has been two months since the first time sepedaan being held. This month, sepedaan held in March, 22. What was the new route? Jeng jeng jeng… Museum!. Yes, we would explore the museum in Jogja. Since there are more than 20 museums, we are not be able to visit all only in a day. So that, Kementerian Kesejahteraan dan Kebahagiaan Seniman were choosing only two. They are Museum Universitas Gadjah Mada and Museum Affandi.

As usual, people waiting in Gelanggang so they could get the Sepeda Kampus. At 08.00, the group started to move. The first destination is Museum UGM in Bulaksumur D4, inside area of UGM. Many people curious about this place because no one realized that campus had a museum inside the university area. The tour participants were so excited to listen the guide, Mas Yudha, explaining the collections of museum. Museum UGM in Bulaksumur itself was established around a year or two. Different from Museum Biology in Pakualaman or Museum Gunung Api in Kaliurang, it is a place to retract the history of UGM since its first time born. There are so many pictures and legendary things propertied by the ancestors UGM such as Mr. Sardjito, Herman Johanes Sagan, Teuku Jacob, Koesnadi Hardjosoemantri etcetera. The story was stopped when the clock is about 10.00 because we must continue our journey.

Historical Understanding class at Museum UGM by Mas Yudha

Historical Understanding class at Museum UGM by Mas Yudha

About 10.30 we could enter the Museum Affandi after finishing the administration manner. The ticket was about 20.000 rupiah but since we were students, we just paid 50 % only. It was great to know the history of Affandi. His painting was so different time by time. It was started by realism and it stopped by expressionism in his old life. His artworks price is about 5 billion rupiah. Fantastic!

Later I knew that he married again because his wife wanted new children. Not only his first child, Kartika Affandi who has becoming a great painter in the world, his children from second wife also inherits his art’s DNA. However, they are not as famous as Kartika.

The museum consists of three parts. First, the Museum I contains of the Affandi’s painting in canvas. Museum II contains most of sketch at paper, meanwhile Museum III is the place for Kartika’s and her siblings’ artwork. Affandi’s family does not only build the museum for their family, but also build a studio to learn and work. We saw so many pictures by many artists in the studio.


Affandi wanna be

The day started to cover by dark that means it was going to rain so soon. That was why we should close our day. We were taking our bicycle and chose the right path to come back to Gelanggang as our house. But we decided to stop in the Soto Kudus to enjoy our lunch. By a bowl of Soto Kudus, we were gratitude to God since we enjoyed the journey.


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