Pameran “Ada Yang Masih Inget?”

Holaaaaa.. here we go, we have a special exhibition in this February. USER UGM held the exhibition called “Pameran Ada Yang Masih Inget?” to commemorate the Pers existence. People might think about pink, chocolate, gift and any thingy relate to Valentine. In addition, there are many things more important than just thinking about Affectionate Day.

Kementerian Pameran (Exhibition Ministry) was managing this special occasion for 23-28 February, 2015 in Perpustakaan Pusat (Library UGM). We were offering open submission for those who wanted to take a part of this exhibition. There were more than 25 artworks coming from many faculties in Universitas Gadjah Mada and from the participant all over Jogjakarta. The theme is about responding the Pers. We are living in the global world which is no more boundaries within us. People are able to connect each other and know the news from all over the world. What brings us to the information? It is about Pers.

The display was using round arranged tables. It is so unique since usually people gonna display their artwork rather in sketsel or to hang it in the wall. Most of the artworks were two dimensional and there was only one which used 3D in a longer space.

About more than 800 people during a week came and visited the exhibition. It was because the collaboration of USER UGM and Perpustakaan Pusat UGM since the exhibition was held during Dies Natalis Library UGM. Perpustakaan UGM had given us a great chance to take a part in their birthday celebration week. They gave a spectacular space to be fulfilled so USER UGM could show their creativity to the world.


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