Sepeda Santai USER #1

USER has coming back! By its first agenda this new year, we were going to go around Jogja by cycling. Sepeda Santai, as the title of this agenda, was held at January, 11 2015. Sure, the conceptor is Kementerian Kesejahteraan dan Kebahagiaan Seniman (The Welfare and Happiness Ministry).

Each of keys was given before people start to slide by Sepeda Kampus in the first checkpoint, Gelanggang Mahasiswa. Later, at 08.00 am, we started to enjoy our journey together. It was about 30 minutes to reach second checkpoint, Tamansari Yogyakarta. Well, Tamansari is famous to be one of cultural heritage of Yogyakarta Kingdom. It was used as the bathing area of King and his family. However, nowadays princess of Jogjakarta Palace are not using Tamansari as a privat area. The government has made this place as a tourist destination which is so popular all over the world. Not only because of Yogyakarta Palace’s property, Tamansari has a unique architectures. It had been consisted of buildings and a big pond in the past. However the pond changed to be houses. There is no more water as it was. Later, Tamansari keep her own history since the kingdom era until the earthquake in 2006 until today. So, this is why we choose to go to Tamansari. It is not about the beauties of tourist destination, but it is about the respecting the cultural heritage.

Slide on the Jogja's little path

Slide on the Jogja’s little path

The weather condition was good enough to support us enjoying Jogjakarta. There was no crowded morning as usual since it was Sunday Morning when people prefer to stay at home, sleep or might run for health in the park. Tamansari area which consists of paths was so challenging to reach the perfect spot as our live sketching area. After we found our own spot, we stayed for two hours to catch the visualization of our objects.


Tamansari Area from the backyard

The sun was up above so bright. It the warm day, we stop our sketch activity and moved on to the lunch session. We decided to hunt Soto, a traditional food of Javanese in Pasar Ngasem. It was so delicious food. In the middle of lunch, we were talking about the activity and share to each other about what we had done in Tamansari. The food and the discussion were great enough.


It’s about food time to garnish the discussion

Next, we were praying and continuing our journey to Bentara Budaya. It was a special space for the artists to exhibit their artworks. This is special place for USER UGM to learn about art from knowing another artist’s works. It is important to appreciate the art since it will give us great value in our art skills.

Well, the day must be closed by stopping back in Gelanggang Mahasiswa UGM. It was such a great journey for art and friendship. Everyone really wait for the next special journey.


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