Diklat #1 USER UGM

What is USER’s celebration to welcoming new family? Anyone knows?. Yes, we have Diklat for welcoming new freshman USER. Diklat #1 was held in December 10-11 in Kulonprogo, Pak Hardy’s house. Mas Bagus Wirawan as the chief of Diklat and all the members who helped the ceremony were succeed to accomplished the celebration.

Diklat held for two weeks. First week in Ruang Sidang II Gelanggang Mahasiswa. There were material from Fitria Nur Shabrina, Khalid Hidayat who promoted about USER as the art organization In Universitas Gadjah Mada. Ketua Forkom who threw an issue about an importance of student’s organization  and cooperating system in Gelanggang Mahasiswa UGM. Mas Bondan Peksojandhu who told about the history of USER UGM. Then the most important time was when Pak Hardy summoning about the development of art. In addition, the last performer was Ketjil Bergerak, a special community in Jogja region. The whole day was fulfilled by great speaker so that it became a good day for everyone who came at the event.

First day Diklat

First day Diklat

In the next week, since Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, Diklat continued. It was about 60 people moved from Gelanggang UGM to Brosot, Kulonprogo. Their mission were looking for the points from the materials by expertise. First material was coming from Mas Irham Ansari who gives the way how to manage the exhibition. Later, the participants must create the artwork by the steps of material in artwork. After break and dinner, they presented the artwork in front of Pak Hardy and all the participants. There was discussion to make understanding of art so that people could see the perspectives. Presentation night was closed by Wedangan. It was an event where people were grouping and talk by heart to heart to talk about art and everything. At 24.00, everyone came back to the home. Next morning, we took our breakfast and prepared for an amazing Outbond. People were separated into three parts and they must coordinate their group so they could accomplish the mission. In the last, they were legalized as USER’s member.

Paint your love here

Paint your love here

Welcome to User, dear

Welcome to User, dear

No one could forget the memory of Diklat. Since the time, it became the selotape which stick the relationship between the members.


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