Unit Seni Rupa UGM (USER UGM) #1

Part I : Unit Seni Rupa Universitas Gadjah Mada

It was 1960, the art flow in Universitas Gadjah Mada had been originated. Later it became a community called Komunitas Bulak Sumur which consisted of the students from many faculties. Komunitas Bulak Sumur was established based on the mind that life was not only about academic but also art. Life without art means nothing.

As the old community, it had undergone the dynamic flow. Komunitas Bulak Sumur disappeared for so many years. Luckily, Unit Seni Rupa UGM (USER UGM) was reborn in 1998. Then at 2000, the new USER UGM tried to catch the attention as the nest for those who want to color their life by art.

During 2000 – 2005, USER UGM was tincturing campus’s life through some of their activities such as exhibitions and varies daily activities. The students had been done some of Exhibition since it was first time re-established. Those are Pameran “Belajar #1” at November 27 – Desember 1, 2000, Pameran Sketsa dan Gambar Bentuk “Sketch and Still Life” April, 15-20, 2001, and Pameran Tunggal Aye Xoxex Maharshi “Mentality Crisis of Exixtensi”.

As the time goes by, during 2005-2007 USER UGM started to be faded (again). The routine activities were not being held anymore. The members went away one by one then just left some of them only. The left USER UGM’s members tried to reawake the spirit by continuing activities as live sketching every Sunday morning. The new activities lead into a new community named KMMS (Kelompok Menggambar Minggu Sore) that means Sunday Evening Sketching Community.


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