Unit Seni Rupa UGM (USER UGM) #2

Part II: KMMS (Kelompok Menggambar Minggu Sore)

KMMS (Kelompok Menggambar Minggu Sore) was born in 2008. It was started by the left USER UGM’s members who tried to recharge the art nuance in their campus. The concept was about learning process together and srawung. Srawung means to melt with the community. It is a remembrance that to live with community and down to earth attitude still be needed during people’s daily activities.

 Through the members’ effort, the first exhibition was success to be shown in 2010. The exhibition’s artwork was exhibited in Gelanggang’s area such as Photography’s Community (UFO) and Scout community’s (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Pramuka) wall. Since the member was increased, KMMS became more productive to creating the varies artwork. The second exhibition “Menggambar Kembali UGM” (Re-Sketching UGM) held in April 2011. This exhibition was not only done by KMMS’s member but also asked participations from many faculties and communities in UGM and non UGM. About 75 participant’s artwork was appreciated.

 Gelanggang Expo 2011 di Grha Sabha Pramana was a turning point of KMMS. Mini exhibition and open recruitment booth at Gelanggang Expo 2011 got positive respond from the visitors. More than 150 students wrote down their name in the list to be KMMS’s members.

KMMS had many things to do. The regular events such as Sunday evening sketching in Gelanggang sometimes moved to many places such as Taman Sari (Taman Sari Watercastle), Makam Raja Mataram (Mataram’s King Cemetery), Sekaten, Titik Nol (Zero Point of Jogja) and etcetera. Not only sketching, KMMS were often coming to the art events like exhibition and open discussion. This agenda aimed to sharpen and soften the art sensibility. Later, KMMS was also involved to another project like to illustrate the short stories collection Nokturnal, a collaborated project with Psychology Faculty students UGM. Afterwards, KMMS was always coming up to Porsenigama by making Lukis Tas (bag painting) in 2012. Not only creating artwork through the canvas, paper and another medias, KMMS tried to preserve their mind to a Zine called TUN (Thokolan Urip Nyokot). The first TUN was launched in 2013 by booklet and second edition TUN in 2014.


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