Film : Time Machine

Time machine is a film based on novel by HG Wells that told about a time traveler into hundred thousand years future. The story begins by a professor named Alexander met her fiancée in the park to propose her. She accepted his proposal then she was given a gemstone ring as the symbol of engagement. In the same moment, there was a robber who asked them to give their stuffs include the ring. Alexander tried to defend it but finally the robber shot her fiancée.

Since then, he spent more than 4 months to make time traveler machine. He tried to come to the past but finally he cannot use it to make everything better. He is so frustrated because he cannot find any answer from the question. Then he went to the future, where technology grew much significantly.Thousand years later, technology made everything uncontrolled. The moon was broken, Alex saw that earth is no longer better place.

The time machine brought him to the hundred thousand years later where technology became almost nothing. Human’s condition seemed to come back to the stone age. He surprised because there were much different between human’s appearance and their life along the future era. Human was divided into two parts, a part who life in the upper side of earth and another part life inside of earth. The people who settle down in the upperside, felt afraid, uncomfortable and under pressure because the down man people always tried to attack then kidnap the people to feed themselves.

Alex try to save the girl that kidnapped by the downside people. Later, he met the leader of the downside people. This moment all at once also gave him a new perspective for his question of live. The past could not be changed, we can only change something in the future with doing something significantly in the present.

He tried to save the girl, the people and the human races from the ruin. Finally, he stayed in the future time without trying to come back in his past because finally he thought that he better to stay in that time.

            The theme of Time Machine film is time traveler. We can conclude this film as a science fiction film because it is contains some elements of science fiction story. There are time changes (Alex moving from an era to another era), futuristic technology (the time machine construction need science to develop it and the 31st century life show to us about using high technology during that era) and the Scientific principles that are new or that contradict known laws of nature itself (the transportation from the past to the future).

            By this film, there are some symbolization that we can get. The time machine itself, there was a lever which is made by gemstone. This is symbolized that Alex still loved his fiancée. He still saved his deep love for her. The roses also become another symbol of remembrance of the girl since Alex’s fiancée want him to gave it to her in that night.

            Most of the setting is located in the future time. The places looked so difference since it difference of the time. The 19th century is different than 31st century and 700.000 years. There are significant different between the setting because we can see the modernization in the 31st century which are using high technology meanwhile in the 700.000 years, the moon was crashed and human races are faded then people seem to come back to the stoneage.

            Time machine is such of good story that contains good moral values. Based Alex’s mind and his traveling, we can draw a conclusion that the past is can not be changed no matter what. The time is always moving and never come back so, the only thing that we can do is do the best thing in the present to save our future.


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