PADHANG BULAN (The Moonlight)

Padhang Bulan (The Moonlight)

Yo, poro konco dolanan ning jobo (Lets play outside together, friends)
Padhang mbulan, padange koyo rino
(The moonlight as bright as the day)
Rembulane sing ngawe-awe
(The moon seems waving on us)
ikake ojo podo turu sore (Remembering to not to sleep too early)

Padhang Mbulan is a traditional song from Java and that is usually sung by the children. I was listening to this song since I sat at 2nd grade elementary school. No one knows who create this song, so we can call this anonym song. However this anonymous song is considered to be children folksong.

Now, we will analyze every part of Padhang Mbulan. This song just have a stanza with four lines. The first line  Yo,poro konco dolanan ning jobo means Let’s play outside together, friends. Children is the time where human like playing the most. The best thing for them is playing together outside because there are more space for them. To play in outside also means to play with nature. Children will find so many things by playing together to know the environment and nature itself.

By playing together, it shapes the responsibility, togetherness and many good effects of  physically and mentally. When we were little, we met our next door or children in the village then playing together in the yard. They usually playing bethengan, jamuran, gobag sodor, engklek, setinan, jipungan but now we will find no one come together. They prefer going to cybercafé to playing game online or busying themselves by their gadgets. We can see not much children playing with their friends. The fields are getting limit because people choose to use the land to develop business. Unluckily just a few developer think about the space to the children playing.

Padhang mbulan, padhange koyo rino means The moonlight is bright like the day. This second line tells to us about the beautiful of the night when the moon appear to light the earth. It is beautiful moment that cannot  be seen every day. We all know that the moon has it own phase. Just at the peak of moonlight’s phase we can find fullmoon.

Then we move on to the next line, Rembulane ne sing ngawe-awe that can be interpreted as The moon seems waving to us . Since the moon is beautiful, it looks like waving to everyone who look at it. The writer uses personification to make the lyric more powerful and touching. This line has strong relationship with the next line.

The last line, Ngelingake ojo podo turu sore means It warns to us not to go to bed early in the evening. That is not good to us to sleep early because the moon appear to make the night more beautiful do, people should enjoy it than waste the time just for sleep. Since the moon seems waving to us, the moon is asking us to enjoy it’s beauty. Just see at the sunset. Everyone will agree by saying that sunset is a perfect moment to enjoy.

Children nowadays are known better to remember about modern songs by the boy bands or modern singers than traditional song like Padhang Mbulan. In fact, Padhang Mbulan has good values on it. It remembers us to socialize with any other people. Do not sit alone and busy with our own business then forget the other. A human is a social person. They need another people and they need a friend. To play together is one of the way to find a friend and make life more cheerful.

There is also a cultural aspect that brought by this song. Just see the line Ngelikake ojo podo turu sore.It asks to the hearer not to sleep when the evening comes. Javanese people believe if children sleep in the evening, they will be disturbed by ghosts. Evening is a time that used to pray to the God  and that’s not an appropriate time for the children to sleep. That is better to them praying like their parents do.Then after that, they can continue their own activities such as learning or playing with friends.

Another moral value is children taught to  gratitude to God because He creates a beautiful thing like moon which makes the night not only dark and black. The moon garnished the sky and its light piercing until the earth. The children is asked to know that everything in this earth must be a creation by God. The religiousity is one of important value to teach to the children.

Padhang Mbulan song use aa-bb rhyme. Yo,poro konco dolanan ning jobo, Padang mbulan, padange oyo rino. We can see this two lines the first line have end ‘o’ and the second line too. This show that these line have same rhyme. Now move on to the next line, Rembulane sing ngawe-awe, Ngelikake ojo podo turu sore . ‘e’ becomes the last rhyme of the third line and the last line.

Unlike another traditional game like jamuran or cublak cublak suweng  that sing while playing traditional game, Padhang Mbulan just sing without any traditional game. Padhang Mbulan also don’t have any riddles on it.

The teacher teaches the song in the elementary in the local culture subject then the student repeat the song. Not all people especially the children know traditional song but the government still takes an important pace to give local culture to the children. The aim of the song is to introduce the children with the culture and to keep it live in the folksong. The modernization should not grab the culture of our place. The children should be taught the culture of our ancestor because who is the next that will keep our culture if not them?.


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