Banyan Tree of Macanan Village and Its Danyang

Superstitious is a believe that still being kept by the people in a society. However, in this modern era, superstitious  is not any longer believed by the people anymore. Some people still believe but some of them are not because there is friction of the culture where people nowadays are more rational. If people ask me do I believe with superstitious? Yes I am. Since I am Indonesian who still considers that superstitious is the part of the society. There are so many superstitious I believe on. One of the example is about Banyan tree in  my village.

I come from Macanan, a village near Salatiga, Central Java.  When I was in junior high school, my grandmother told me about a superstitious in my village. In the evening, we sat down in the livingroom and I asked her to talk about so many folklore .Then she told that the Banyan tree in front of our house has a mystical story.

Banyan for Javanese people has become a special tree because they believe that Banyan is a home for many ghosts. An adults always warn to their children not to playing near the tree at the evening, they afraid if the ghosts kidnap their children. In front of my house there is a big Banyan tree with spring below. The  spring water still used by all people in my village for consumption and washing clothes or even to take a bath. Everyone can take it water to wash clothes and plates but we prohibit to wash pan with ashes in the back .We are not allowed to dyeing that ashes pan to the spring water. If we break the rules, the danyang (the ghost) of the tree will come to our dream and haunt us anywhere, anytime.

Several years ago, when I was in the first year high school, my next door neighbor came back from Kalimantan with his wife that is native Kalimantan. She did not know anything about the superstitious and she asked to the people of the village but she still did not believe with that. She wasted the rubbish below the Banyan tree and she also washed the ashes pan in the spring. For several nights, a beautiful woman came to her dream and haunted her life. She was afraid and wanted to go out from that home. Then he went out and came back to Kalimantan with his husband.

Mbah Suli (one of my grandma)  told me that long time ago there was a girl that playing with her friends in the Banyan tree. All her friend were boys. Boys like to climb and the girl also did the same thing. Then she climbed up to the higher and higher of the Banyan branches but suddenly she fell down then died because she got bad injury. People believe that the danyang pushed her down because the girl’s act was impolite.

In brief, although I am modern person I still believe with some superstition on my environment. This because I am Indonesian that still tied with the culture. The Banyan tree and the prohibition on it is just a little example my believe in the superstition as an Indonesian, especially as a Javanese. Until now I still keep the superstition, I never wash the ashes pan in the spring. If I must do these thing necessary, I will do that carefully, I will make sure that the ashes come to the little river, not in the spring.


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